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The Bride's Preparations

Very few women (myself included) want photographs of themselves with no make-up and hair in rollers so its rare for me to be at the first stages of the bridal preparations.  However to have some photos from this part of your special day is a memory worth keeping.  Although most of the images of brides getting ready are partly posed, I try to keep them as natural as possible and the atmosphere informal; its amazing how quickly you will become relaxed in front of the camera with a glass of bubbly and your bridesmaids around you. t's also a chance to have those all important pictures of 'all the girls together' without everyone else distracting you.  As a woman I understand how important it is to have all of the detail shots of things like the finer features of your dress, flowers, jewellery etc to preserve the memories forever.  Don't worry, no embarrassing photos will be taken, I wait until you are all decent, before grabbing the camera and the photos of the lacing/buttoning of the dress is done in a demure manner.

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